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Astrophysical Roentgen Telescope (ART-P) / Granat

Characteristics of each of the four ART-P modules
Detector type Multi-Wire Proportional Counter Detector area 258 X 246 mm**2 Detector gas Xe (85%), Ar (10%), CO2 (5%) Detector gas pressure 3 atm Distance Aperture-Detector 1320 mm Field of View (FWHM) 1.8 X 1.8 sq. degrees Mask element size 2 X 2 mm**2 Mask area 344 X 328 mm**2 Mask open fraction 0.5 Angular Resolution (FWHM), on-axis 6 arcmin Active photon energy range 4-60 keV Photon energy resolution (FWHM) 14% at 59.6 keV ART-P was designed and built by the Space Research Institute at Moscow (Russia) and is part of the Granat satellite payload.

For more info, see R. Sunyaev, Advances in Space Research, Volume 10, p (2)233 (1990) or contact R. Sunyaev at

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October 17, 1995