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Observing the X-ray spectrum of the distant universe, Suzaku is opening a new window into the workings of black holes, neutron stars, active galaxies, and other very energetic objects.

Suzaku is a joint effort of NASA and the Japanese space agency JAXA. It was launched July 10, 2005, aboard a Japanese M-V rocket. Before launch, it was known as Astro-E2, but in the tradition of Japanese space science missions, it was renamed on launch.

Public Information and Education

Suzaku Learning Center

Introduction to X-ray Astronomy

M-V rocket with ASTRO-E inside

Scientific User Support

GOF (Guest Observer Facility)

The Suzaku Instruments

XIS (X-ray camera)

HXD (Hard X-ray detector)

XRT (X-Ray Telescope)

XRS (Spectrometer)

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