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This file is a template for all ASD web pages in that it includes all the NASA policies (see the footer below) and none of the bad stuff (like mission logos). Of course, you may have your own layout, additional header and footer information, a standard set of navigational links, bright colors, whatever you like, but you must have some of these items on your page, as outlined below.

Links to Plugins

A list of links to section 508-compliant plugins and software appears below. If you have a small site with just a few pages that link to PDF, PPT, Word, etc. files, then please add a link (at/near the top of your page's content) to the appropriate page below. If you are the curator of a large site, you may want to make a page that lists ALL the plugins that you might need. A link to that page might be in your page's footer or at/near the top of the content of your pages that contain such files (PDF, etc.)

  • PDF: Download Adobe Acrobat
  • PPT: Download free PowerPoint viewer
  • Word: Download free Word viewer
  • Excel: Download free Excel viewer
  • PS: (unknown)
  • FITS: (fv is the viewer, but unlikely to be section 508 compliant!)
  • LaTeX: (use latex2html to translate your files - set it up to include alt tags)

    Good practices

  • Don't link the words "click here". For vision-impaired using screen readers and for people like me who skim pages looking for useful content by only reading the LINKS, it's pretty useless.

  • Have an index.html file in every public directory. This keeps the riff-raff from viewing your directory structure and reading stuff they shouldn't. (Actually, this is a NASA policy and lheawww won't display directory listings.)

    NASA Policy Items

    The footer below contains all the items (as of November 4, 2002) that should be in your footers. I understand that they are currently doing checks of web sites to make sure warning banners are present. Please update your site as soon as possible (the banner file must be on your site - don't link to the one below). These items are only required on your home page, but if you can compress them nicely into a small area, they could appear on every page. View source to see how some of these are handled. You may want to use server side includes for footers on your pages. These will allow you to change one file and have all the files that include the footer change at once. This saves you time and keystrokes!

    There are XML tags in the footer you may not be familiar with. These tags (like <rno> or <webpoc>) are used by the GSFC webmaster to collect data about the Responsible NASA Official and Web Point of Contact, respectively. They also like to see some info in your header via META tags about your org code and description and keywords. View the source for this page to see this information. These XML and META tag items are only required on your site's home page.

    Check the NASA policy rules page for updates and elaborations to this list!

    I find it a nice thing (i.e., it's not required) to add a date and time stamp to your page, so people know it's up to date. You can do that with the following code (not visible if you view source):

      <i>This file was last modified on <!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED" --></i>

    Immediately below is the footer. View source to look at the XML tags around Phil's and Karen's names. Note the link to NASA and GSFC. I've also linked the meatball at the top of the page to NASA, for convenience (it appears that the meatball is not required, but if a logo appears this should be the only one - put it on your home page to CYA). If you have pages on lheawww (in the /docs/ area), please use the following format to call this file:

    <!--#include virtual="/"-->